Bittium Faros 360 (ECG Monitor)


• Following a decade of success in Radial Shock Wave Therapy, EMS has broadened its therapeutic arsenal by offering 2009 Focused Shock Waves Therapy (FSWT).

• EMS Focused Shock Waves device uses the piezoelectric principle. High voltage is discharged in thousand of piezoceramic crystals that induce thousand of acoustic waves converging and steepening into
a shock wave towards the targeted tissue.

• The convergence of the focused shock wave at 4cm with effect up to 8 cm deep-down the tissues allows the treatment of specific deep pathologies such as subacromial pain syndrome or nonunion fractures. Focused Shock Waves are as well best suited to address painful enthesopathy as their propagation in the tissues is more comfortable than radial shock waves. Focused Shock Waves protocol usually includes a total of three to five sessions, planned at a rate of one to two sessions
per week with an interval of a minimum 72hour between them.

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