Vacuum Blood Collection System

A vacuum tube is designed to collect venous blood for the subsequent analysis of free extracellular
DNA. This kind of analysis is necessary for the examination of DNA fragments. These can be, for
example, fragments of fetal DNA in the blood of the mother. Its analysis lets determine the gender
of the child at the early stages of development and identify some hereditary mutations.

Also among free extracellular DNA, there may be DNA fragments with somatic mutations resulting
from carcinogenesis. Analysis of these fragments (liquid biopsy) allows you to diagnose the
presence of malignant neoplasms at the early stages.

Another area of application of the test tube is hematological or genetic studies that require
long-term storage of blood. The use of additional preservatives ensures better preservation of blood
cells and protects against hemolysis. Therefore, this tube should be used if long-term storage or
shipment under temperature fluctuations is needed.
Extracellular DNA stabilization is possible for the period of 7-14 days at a storage temperature of 4-30 C.

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